Partnering with Midmo

Enable Connectivity and Accelerate Visibility.

Who Are Our Partners?

Are you a…

Hardware Provider

  • Hardware Providers & Manufacturers
  • Sensor Providers & Manufacturers

Software Provider

  • ERP Software Developers
  • Software Vendors
  • SaaS organizations in the Supply Chain, Transportation or related spaces
  • Data Analytics Platforms
  • Inventory Management
  • IoT Traceability
  • Real-Time Asset Visibility and Traceability Providers
  • Track & Trace

Service Provider

  • Logistics Providers
  • Manual Service Providers
  • Maintenance & Support Services
  • Solutioning Consultants
  • System Integrators
  • Solution Providers
  • Industry Experts & Influencers
  • Identification Automation Providers
  • Implementationation & Installation Providers

Benefits of Partnering with Midmo

Midmo provides partners with a foundation-based traceability platform called MotionView™

MotionView™ is Fully White-labelable and free to our reseller partners

Lightweight middleware, unlike heavy and expensive RTLS options in the market

Enables immediate real-time visibility data to items, locations, devices and their associations

Designed to connect a universe of IoT Sensors and Devices as well as System Integrations via API and MQTT

Robust data visualizations that allow micro and macro views of your assets, devices and associated ‘spots’ and locations

Created for partner enablement and designed to scale – sell more devices and services more easily

Simple Pricing Model including low subscription fees, prorated monthly usage model and a month-to-month contract model.

Midmo is horizontally oriented so that we can enable our customer partners to sell and develop vertically

We offer a Custom+ development service, enabling partners and end customer to create extensible add-ons, such as reports, new functionality and integrations

Accelerate time-to-value by reducing complexity and compressing your selling process

Create competitive advantage by enabling new connectivity or creating custom extensions that compliment your core product offering

Offer customers a scalable solution that allows them to start small and grow over time or go big and seamlessly scale

We become a strategic partner, managing the IoT and visibility blocking and tackling, keeping you out of the weeds and in the strategic seat for your customer

Establish passive, recurring revenue streams and expand your market presence and offerings

Types of Partners

White-Label Traceability Platform for Resale

MotionView Pro™ is a lightweight traceability solution that’s perfect for small and medium-sized businesses. It’s easy to use, affordable, and customizable, making it the ideal solution for a wide range of industries.

As a MotionView Pro partner, you’ll have the opportunity to:

      • Offer your customers a cost-effective and easy-to-use traceability solution.
      • Generate new revenue streams and inbound leads.
      • Position yourself as a strategic thought leader in the traceability space.

Become a Launch Partner of Midmo's Iot Space™

Midmo’s IoT Space™ is an ecommerce metasearch engine that enables visitors to research, compare, design and buy the technology and services they want and need, all from a single, collaborative source.

Focused on Industrial and Enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) applications, the IoT Space enables participating partners to showcase their leading services and solutions pertaining to Real-Time identification, track and trace, and Automation.

If you’re looking to expand your market reach while simultaneously creating a new inbound sales pipeline, we’d like to invite you to participate.


Join our Partner Program


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