Traceability and Connectivity, Simplified.

MotionView™ is a powerful yet lightweight middleware that enables you to connect a universe of IoT sensors and is designed to scale for all types of organizations and asset visibility initiatives.


Introducing MotionView

MotionView is easy to use, affordable, and customizable, making it the ideal solution for a wide range of industries and applications. Whether you’re simply testing and evaluating technologies or implementing more complex, enterprise solutions, MotionView is ready.

Designed from 20+ years of cross-industry best practice, MotionView delivers a robust tool set that's intentionally designed to drive business outcomes.

  • Grow-as-you-go, connect and manage a universe of IoT Sensors, Devices and real-time visibility data.
  • Create and manage association data about your asset conditions, inventory levels, movements, locations and status from day-1.

Pricing Built for Businesses of all Shapes & Sizes

Universally Connected

MotionView creates a universal connection, bridging diverse data sources and systems seamlessly. It effortlessly links data streams to deliver comprehensive location tracking and real-time inventory insights.

MotionView Pro Benefits

Visibility, Traceability, & Management

Adaptive Real-time, item-level asset monitoring through connected IoT devices and sensors, providing a comprehensive view of their status and location.

Inventory Management

Automated inventory updates based on asset movements, ensuring optimal stock levels and preventing stockouts or overstocking.

Sensor & Device Connectivity

Intuitively and agnostically connect and manage a universe of IoT devices and technologies.

Spot/Location Designation & Associations

“Spots” represent a defined  location area where associated IoT devices, items, collections and status identifiers reside.

Enhanced Decision-Making

Connected data analytics for identifying trends, forecasting demand, and making informed supply chain decisions.

MotionView by Midmo

Collection Management

Manage categorized asset types in groups for advanced inventory control.

Compliance & Regulatory Adherence

Accurate records and traceability for compliance with quality and safety standards, aiding in product recalls.

Proactive Maintenance

Continuous monitoring of asset condition to implement preventive maintenance and minimize disruptions.

Reducing Operational Costs

Optimized inventory management and streamlined processes lead to cost savings.

Transparency & Collaboration

Continuous monitoring of asset condition to implement preventive maintenance and minimize disruptions.

Get Started with MotionView

Select, Connect, and Go!

It’s as simple as that, select which MotionView level best suits your needs, connect your existing devices, and go check out the map to see how your assets are now being monitored with status, location, and more!