Item-Visibility has never been more simple.

MotionView™ is a foundational and extensible visibility platform that simplifies the complexities associated with IoT connectivity and Traceability.

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Purpose-built to Connect and Accelerate Mobile Workforce and Enterprise Supply Chain Solutions.

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We help our partners by providing the software component that enables connectivity, visibility and more.

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2024 comes with its own set of challenges but also the opportunity to optimize and automate.

Midmo helps companies do more with less.

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What is Midmo?

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a World in Motion

Midmo is a traceability technology company that owns and operates an IoT metasearch engine, as well as a scalable traceability platform called MotionView.

These technologies enable businesses to explore, compare, create and connect a universe of IoT technologies and vendor partner solutions.

Combine endless types of network and IoT devices, including MQTT, API, WiFi, BLE, LoRaWAN, Satellite, RFID & others.

MotionView by Midmo

Join the Real-Time Item-Level Traceability Platform that has it all.

MotionView Pro™ is a powerful yet lightweight IoT Platform that enables Startups to Fortune 500s with the tools to seemlessly connect a universe of IoT sensors and asset visibility initiatives.

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