Industrial Identification.

Manufacturing and Production processes interconnected, decentralized, and characterized by increased transparency and efficiency.

Enhanced Efficiency and Production Flexibility

The realm of Industrial IoT encompasses applications involving “things” within and beyond the factory premises.

Examples of indoor projects include smart factories employing remote PLC control or automated quality control on the production floor. On the other hand, outdoor projects involve monitoring significant equipment and remotely operating oil rigs.

These solutions leverage smart sensors to capture data, facilitating predictive maintenance and enhancing overall efficiency.

Build your solution on a robust traceability foundation

  • Grow-as-you-go, connect and manage a universe of IoT Sensors, Devices and real-time visibility data.
  • Create and manage association data about your asset conditions, inventory levels, movements, locations and status from day one.

Immersive macro-micro visualizations

Experience visually appealing data representations tailored for your solution. Explore and oversee your items, devices, locations, and more through a diverse range of dynamic views that enhance your solution.

Integrate a universe of IoT devices and connect through any form of IoT connectivity.

Make use of MotionViews’ low-code connectors to convert data formats, analyze sample data, and effortlessly manage data streams through a simple drag-and-drop interface. Additionally, personalize sensors using a built-in script editor to tailor data functionality and visualization according to your specific needs.

Easily establish secure access protocols for your valuable end-users

Effortlessly create user permissions to your users. Administer policies for both administrators and end-users, aligning with your customized access rules.

Mobile friendly, use MotionView and ValidPoint mobile to manage your solution

Enjoy the benefits of a free and fully functionable mobile experience. Access MotioView from wherever you area and upload ValidPoint as part of your solution.

Enhance Initiatives with MotionView Custom+ Services

Use MotionView as an out-of-the-box, ready-to-go product or ask us to help you create something new with tailor-make add-on functionality & software development solutions.

All-in-One Foundation

Operators anticipate accessing their data effortlessly and reliably from any location. Service providers and integrators can now deliver enhanced value by providing a higher degree of customization and specific functionalities within the same application. Additionally, the integration of digital twin technology further refines the operational experience, offering a virtual representation that mirrors the physical system, aiding in analysis, monitoring, and decision-making.

Universal IoT Connector

Designed to self-connect, MotionView provides the tools to connect and parse sensor and IoT device data as needed.

Connect a vast array of pre-certified devices, including those based on RFID, WiFi, LoRaWAN, Sigfox, BLE, and Satellite.

Simple Pricing Model

All the flexibility with zero risk. Low subscription fees, prorated monthly ‘by-smart-device’ usage model, month-to-month contract length.

Add and remove devices as you wish and expand and scale your projects at your pace.

Lightweight Middleware

Unlike traditional RTLS systems, MotionView cuts-the-fluff and provides a concise array of asset visibility and management tools.

It can connect and expand initiatives, act as a data repository, or as your enterprise solution.

Designed to Scale

Start small and grow solutions over time OR go big out of the gate. MotionView is designed to perform at all levels of business shape and size.

We allow customers to extend their services using our custom+ development team – we tailor the platform to their business.

Real-Time Visibility, Traceability & Management:

Adaptive Real-time, item-level asset monitoring through connected IoT devices and sensors, providing a comprehensive view of their status, condition, environment and location.

Sensor and Device Connectivity:

Intuitively and agnostically connect and manage a universe of IoT devices and technologies with built in script and data parsing tools.

Inventory management:

Automated inventory updates based on asset movements and spot associations.

Spot/Location Designation & Associations:

“Spots” represent a defined location area where associated IoT devices, items, collections and status identifiers reside.

Collection Management:

Manage categorized asset types in groups for advanced inventory control. Cycle count, sort batches and manage through (Android) mobile application called Valid Point.

MotionView by Midmo

Enhanced decision-making:

Connected data analytics for identifying trends, forecasting demand, and making informed supply chain decisions.

Improved partner/customer relationship:

Real-time tracking enables precise delivery estimates, enhancing trading partner and customer experience, accountability and satisfaction.

Compliance and regulatory adherence:

Accurate records and traceability for compliance with quality and safety standards, aiding in product recalls, ownership, and damage accountabilities.

Proactive Maintenance

Continuous monitoring of asset condition to implement preventive maintenance and minimize disruptions.

Reducing Operational Costs

Optimized inventory management and streamlined processes lead to cost savings.

Transparency & Collaboration

Real-time data sharing promotes better communication and coordination among supply chain stakeholders.


Get Started with MotionView

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